I’m still here waiting for life to resume
Sometime between getting the vaccine
And making plans with friends that aren’t on zoom.
I'm still here waiting for everyday to feel different
Not a playlist on repeat
Wanting to make reservations at a new restaurant
Instead of paying uber eats a $2.99 delivery fee
As I look for another promo code
I’m still here right where you left me
Waiting for politicians to place blame on each other for this pandemic
As my hair grows out and I waste time shopping online
Just to feel something 
Rationalizing that $900 bi-weekly makes up for my
Life being turned upside down and
Yet I’m still here where COVID-19 left me


Will life always be the four corners of a screen
Pretending zoom meetings are something
Scrolling on tiktok just to distract yourself from what life used to be 
Outside is now a luxury
Facemasks are mandatory
Can you believe that 2019 was the dream
And so we sit here watching reruns to keep reminding us of the past we wished we hadn’t
Run out of


Every new lockdown I want to push you away
And not speak to you 
Because I can’t see your face on a screen anymore
I’m tired of this 2 dimensional relationship
How long can I love you from afar
Before it’s too far
I love you more than myself
But the world won’t let me
So I push you away
Because if I can’t have all of you
I'm tired of settling for a remote version of you


Lamia Firasta
 Remotely Forgotten, 2021
Poetry, installation

This series of poems explores how the ways in which identity is navigated has changed as a result of a worldwide shift in living. Our sense of love, loss and freedom has been challenged; this body of work speaks to the transitions we have gone through and continue to endure. 

Explore the places that bring you a sense of groundedness and comfort during this time of isolation. Join Firasta for a community poetry workshop Saturday, June 12th at 2pm. Sign-up here.