Wing Lam Leung 

Wing is a recent graduate of the Arts Management, Studio Art and Curatorial Studies programs at the University of Toronto. Her artistic practice questions the nuances between art and life, body and social relations. While particularly interested in performance art, Wing works across mediums as a way to explore a variety of forms of expression. Wing was awarded University of Toronto Scarborough FADO Time-based Award in 2019.

Wing Lam Leung
A Walk in the Park, 2020 
Video with sound, 31min 21s

Nowhere is entirely safe now. We are afraid of contamination. Inspired by the idiom, meaning something that is easy or simple to do, A Walk in the Park focuses on the bodily experience during the pandemic. Through exaggeration, stimulation and repetition, this performance video explores the hyper-awareness that now exists within the spatial relationship between people. Layering the venues (China Town, the park, and the video online) in which the work is performed and presented decontextualizes the artist’s actions, representing our discomfort and confusion about places and space during the pandemic. Through this work, Leung asks the audience to reflect upon ‘now what’ physically, mentally and emotionally.

To further explore ideas of digital self-making, deception, and sense of space on Zoom, join Leung for a workshop performance on Saturday, June 19th at 2pm. Sign-up here.

0th, 2021
Video with sound, 9min 50s

0th is a performance video that
explores the tangibility and absence/presence of language. Under the political
influence of language and education policies, Leung’s native dialect—which
her grandmother spoke to her growing up—is disappearing; this is further
exacerbated by current social isolation protocols. Leung’s residual 'Wei Tou'
dialect speaks to this blurry reminiscence, the act of 'speaking into bubbles,'
and her personal history in relation to the intersecting cultures and the wider
history. The bath is the space for Wing to contemplate this, with all her thoughts
and struggles draining away together with the bathwater.


Biliteracy and trilingualism they said

但無人會再學講 (圍頭話)

但我仲記得 我仲識講

You are well educated
(學埋啲老餅講嘢有咩好?) My grandma might ask
No one speaks it in the city nor in the school
得返村入面啲呀婆 (識講)

但我仲識講 我仲記得

Do you understand me?

我仲識講 我(仲記得)

我仲識講 (我仲記得)

我仲識講 (我仲記得)

Do you speak English?

我 (仲識講 我仲記得)

香港人  講返廣東話啦

我仲識講  (我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)


我(仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)

Please speak in English
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
Biliteracy and Trilingualism, they said

(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)
(我仲識講  我仲記得)