Zi Yan Bai

Zi Yan Bai is an interdisciplinary artist interested in interrogating the phenomena of culture and identity construction, in both personal and social contexts. She often experiments across a variety of media, integrating layers of visual representations to invite viewers to engage with perception, depth, and awareness. Connecting the traditional, the contemporary, the Eastern, the Western, the physical, the virtual, the self, and the environment, Bai’s work intends to initiate a dialogue not only with the viewer but also within the artwork itself.
Lonely Bloom, 2020
Photographic series

In the photography series Lonely Bloom, Bai experiments with light, shadows, and visual fragmentation to build connections between seemingly isolated objects. Living in a house under construction during social isolation, with limited light sources, Bai found her daily physical space to be characterized by slowly transforming sunlight patterns. Mesmerized by this phenomenon, Bai captured the interaction between her natural surroundings and the interior of her home. The window frames in Bai’s photographs act not only as devices for fragmentation but also emphasize the position of the viewer – inviting them to consider their own visual environment.