There is a weight to realizing that everyone’s life is as unique and complex as your own.

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Zeyu Zhang
Weight of Home, 2021
Video (no sound), 1min 25s

Weight of Home is a video work consisting of a series of still photographs of houses in Zhang’s neighbourhood, in which the artist has blacked-out the front doors. Originally created as a part of a psychogeographical walking assignment—this work invites viewers to consider what lies beyond their first glance, in the sites they traverse on a daily basis. 

What lies beyond the doors we pass?

Wing Lam Leung
A Walk in the Park, 2020 
Video with sound, 31min 21s

Nowhere is entirely safe now. We are afraid of contamination. Inspired by the idiom, meaning something that is easy or simple to do, A Walk in the Park focuses on the bodily experience during the pandemic. Through exaggeration, stimulation and repetition, this performance video explores the hyper-awareness that now exists within the spatial relationship between people. Layering the venues (China Town, the park, and the video online) in which the work is performed and presented decontextualizes the artist’s actions, representing our discomfort and confusion about places and space during the pandemic. Through this work, Leung asks the audience to reflect upon ‘now what’ physically, mentally and emotionally.

To further explore ideas of digital self-making, deception, and sense of space on Zoom, join Leung for a workshop performance on Saturday, June 19th at 2pm. Sign-up here.

Click on each plate to rearrange the table setting. 
Yixuan Li
Dinner, 2021
Readymade dinner plates, acrylic paint

Dinner is an installation of 7 readymade dinner plates, painted to depict houses or buildings in which Li has lived. Connecting the act of eating with different domestic spaces, Li encourages us to reconsider the concept of home. What does home mean to you? What does it look like, sound like and feel like? The inclusion of buildings from different cultures allows the artwork to speak more broadly to the immigrant experience, and references ongoing migration practices.